Monday, September 6, 2010

Wild Life in the Desert

One of the things I do love about where we live is the wildlife.

I love the tarantulas. See my latest pics HERE. So Cute!!

I love seeing the coyotes and bobcats - no pictures to share as they are too quick for me.

The rattlesnakes scare me to death - no pictures, I'm too busy screaming. Although here are some pics of another snake HERE

I adore all the wild bunnies - see HERE

But one of most majestic of the desert wildlife are the hawks. A couple days ago, I was sitting in my little office, which looks out onto the front of our house. We have a few very big old mesquite trees. And a wonderful visitor came to hang out for a while. I took a LOT of pictures, hope you enjoy them. He (she?) never took his eyes off of me. I think he was trying to decide if I was too big to eat. I talked softly to him the whole time, and he just sat there. I walked away before he flew away.

He's probably about 2 feet tall.

I think he is a Harris Hawk, perhaps a juvenile (due to his spotted breast).


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When I was a kid

When I was a kid, I was a tomboy, as my Mom said. I played with my brother and his friends - we climbed trees - I was always up in a tree. We rode bikes. I rode horses and ponies wildly, and when I wasn't on a horse, I was pretending to BE a horse. Dirt and sticks and stones were my friends.

There is one picture of me though, pushing a doll in a baby carriage. Seriously? My hair is even neatly braided. No Way. I need to find that picture and frame it. :)
Sooo - I rarely played with dolls, if at all (unless you believe that one picture, which I don't). Is this why I am now fascinated with dolls of all sorts??
For example, I really really really want this one............

I don't even want to tell you where to find her. (fairiesnest) (there, I put that in there so that if you want to buy her for me for my birthday in November, you can....).

This guy would be awesome to take on adventures! You can find him at Merrydale Dolls, but I'd rather you didn't. :)

This adorable little cutie I managed to snag, from Princess Nimble Thimble. I play with her a lot. When I'm supposed to be workiing, muhahahahah!

And here's one that I yearn for...................from Ruprecht.

And of course it didn't help that I have no girl children. So if you're ever wondering what to get me for a present, now you have some ideas!!