Sunday, May 6, 2007


I started a shop on Etsy in late February, and to date (May 6th), have sold nothing. I haven't figured out how to advertise yet, and I think most of the people who are buying on that site are also sellers on the site. I have 18 people who list my shop as a favorite. I wonder why they haven't bought anything??
I'm now a juried member of the Tucson Arts & Crafts Association. My first show is May 19th. Still so much to do! Have to print a ton of new biz cards, showing my website address - I've been told that lots of people don't buy the "finished" product, and look for patterns. Over 100 people have looked at my knitting pattern for the lace shawl, and nobody has bought it. Why?
It's hard not to become totally discouraged.
I think that the May 19th show will tell me the story of what is to come. It cost $55 for the space, and $30 to become a member. It cost $10 to buy the city license, and $12 to buy the state license. I've spent untold amounts in patterns; and hours upon hours hunting ideas on the internet. How wonderful it would be to make some money back!
I've started making stuff from felt - thinking it might sell better than the knitted products. We'll see!


Wow! I have a blog! Not sure what to do with it! Got to figure out how to add pictures!