Friday, February 29, 2008


LOOK at this picture I just found - these are little baby bunnies on my friend Kathy's ranch - which is another fabulous place to find handspun yarn -

Spring is coming to the high desert! It's a magical time - as we do actually have winter here too - so the warm sun feels awesome, there is grass growing (which will be dead in a few months, baked by the hot sun), the birds are very busy, and there are bunnies everywhere! All I want to make are bunnies!
This one is Emilie, she just sold recently. She was made from awesome handspun alpaca yarn, purchased from one of my favorites, northstaralpacas. She recently went to a wonderful and loving home in Denver.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dozer and Belle

I have two horses, Dozer and Belle. Dozer is a quarter horse, he came from a ranch and has the brand to prove it. Belle is a mustang, I have heard that she is probably a Mexican mustang (vs American mustang). Belle thinks she is a dog. Both are wonderful horses. I've recently started giving riding lessons, which I love to do.
Two years ago, Dozer and I were riding in Catalina State Park with friends, and something spooked the horses, big-time. Dozer spun, and I was catapulted. Broke my back! I'm pretty much fine, but don't ride like I used to...

Better Pics?

I'm not happy with the pics of my pendants on buster and boo. The pendants don't POP off of the page, as I would like them to.
I'm going to do 2 things today -
1. investigate my camera - macro settings? Is it focused on the background rather than the foreground?
2. going to change what I'm using for the background. going to use either glossy paper, or maybe even sheet music.

I'll be back later with better pics, I hope!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have you ever seen a baby goat?

My friend Kathy has a fiber ranch. She raises sheep (of various kinds), angora goats, llama and alpaca. Oh and bunnies too - l o n g hair bunnies, who sit patiently while she plucks them!
It's just about spring here in Tucson, and Kathy is waiting for babies. You can check out her blog here

I can't wait for babies at the ranch!
We had two goaties here for a few months, they weren't fiber goats, they were just goat-goats. They grew very attached to me and whenever I left their side, the little girl goat (Baby Beotch) CRIED and CRIED for HOURS for me. It finally drove us over the deep end, so I gave them to a friend of Kathy's who needed a milk goat. :0)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buster and boo

So the creative process takes a LONG time when you're knitting, I am very impatient by nature, and it's getting worse as I get older. Pathetic, I know.
In looking for a creative outlet, I found a tutorial on making pendants. Voila! A new shop is born! Come visit buster and boo!
The pendant pictured is the first one sold, and I just heard from the buyer that she loved it ! Yay!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Felting is my favorite. I love when you knit BIG STRINGY things - pop them into the washer, and a beautiful animal emerges.

check it out - Woolies

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Animals, animals

Did I tell you that we have TEN animals here on our little ranch?!
2 horses
4 dogs (yes, FOUR)
3 kitties (one getting older)
1 lizard (no, not mine)

Here's a pic of Boo, my baby

and here's a pic of Buster, Boo's protector and best friend

What a difference!

It's been almost a year since I started on Etsy! I've sold over 120 items! Incredible. Gradually, my art has taken the shape of stuffed animals. There is something about stuffed animals - each one I make takes on a personality (and a name) of it's own - as it's being knitted. I love each of them, even the ones that don't turn out quite as planned. This is pretty much all I want to do now...