Thursday, August 9, 2012


Weight, that is.

I've done it before, but it didn't last. Now I'm doing it again, and it has to last.
 I started having some health issues - possibly brought on by the extra pounds - maybe.
 And I felt like crap. I felt fat.
I've been committed since June 16th. I've lost 9 pounds, as of last Saturday. This isn't a fast thing.
It is a slow, life-long commitment type of thing. It's a changing of the habits type of thing.
 So, I'm hoping, it is a slow but steady kind of thing.
Clothes are starting to feel a little bit loose. Hunger feelings have changed.
I just read an article on a favorite blog about pie-making. I cannot make pies, just now. I love to bake. I will bake again....just not right now, not today. And when I do bake again, I will savor that deliciousness, but differently. I will not eat 4 brownies (I have the very best brownie recipe ever).
We will see.
It's funny - putting this out there on my blog makes my commitment public. Makes my commitment more - committed.
Wish me luck, and strength.
Feel free to share any tips, or yummy (low-fat) recipes!
(I am not going to post any fat pictures. Sorry...)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Break

We escaped for a little while, from the Tucson heat. From the furnace that is the long long summer here.
We go to the ocean - the Pacific. And bask in the ocean breezes, the endless crash of the waves, the salty air.

We visit the sea lions, and watch the dophins feed in the ocean, just off-shore.
Glorious. Can't wait to go back.