Thursday, August 9, 2012


Weight, that is.

I've done it before, but it didn't last. Now I'm doing it again, and it has to last.
 I started having some health issues - possibly brought on by the extra pounds - maybe.
 And I felt like crap. I felt fat.
I've been committed since June 16th. I've lost 9 pounds, as of last Saturday. This isn't a fast thing.
It is a slow, life-long commitment type of thing. It's a changing of the habits type of thing.
 So, I'm hoping, it is a slow but steady kind of thing.
Clothes are starting to feel a little bit loose. Hunger feelings have changed.
I just read an article on a favorite blog about pie-making. I cannot make pies, just now. I love to bake. I will bake again....just not right now, not today. And when I do bake again, I will savor that deliciousness, but differently. I will not eat 4 brownies (I have the very best brownie recipe ever).
We will see.
It's funny - putting this out there on my blog makes my commitment public. Makes my commitment more - committed.
Wish me luck, and strength.
Feel free to share any tips, or yummy (low-fat) recipes!
(I am not going to post any fat pictures. Sorry...)


Zethan said...

I know how you feel :) I started "maintaining" myself in July? lol I don't remember but I have limited my food intake (not eating my husbands leftovers) and have been doing more exersize routines. I just recently started talking about it on my blog as well.I last weight myself in April and was unhappy with my weight so I decided to change. If you would like to hear how I'm doing in my lifestyle change my blog is I have been trying to keep updated but I have been slacking.

MuddyFeet said...

Congrats so far, Sara! I am right there with you in the battle of will-power and the determination to make lifelong changes for health. Chocolate brownies are a weakness of mine too.

germandolls said...

Good for you, Sara! I hope you meet your goal. Just remember to love yourself always. You are a beautiful person. I'd love to see a picture of you no matter what. xo ulla

Kalina said...

The most difficult came to the past: the decision and first step!
I wish you to make small steps toward different you.