Monday, December 30, 2013


My 18 year old son's best friend died on Christmas night. He OD'd. It is shocking, tragic, and heartbreaking.

We loved this kid.

They became friends in 6th grade. Nick used to follow Max home from the school bus. (He lived, and died,  just around the corner). They grew up together. Then grew apart. But often talked. About ten days ago, they had breakfast together. Nick told Max that he was clean, not using any drugs. He and Max were thinking about moving to Portland together.

I'm trying to remember when it was that Nick stopped by the house - a few months ago? I thought he looked great - same big smile, same sweetness.
We didn't see much of Nick in recent years, as their paths hadn't followed in the same direction. But the love was there still. And always will be. I am wondering if and when I will ever stop crying. How can he really be gone?

"Like a steam locomotive, running down the track. He's gone, he's gone, nothin's gonna bring him back".
We Love You Nick.