Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Forgive my ramblings......

Amanda Knox - an innocent girl (in my opinion) found guilty of murder and imprisoned in Italy.

Kate McRae - 6 years old and fighting a malignant brain tumor.

Two young people, their lives ahead of them. Facing almost insurmountable odds.

The questions start -

Do I believe in God? Do I believe that God will save them?

How is this OK? How is this OK with God?

Is this caused by humans? Human error? Yes, in the case with Amanda. With Kate, we don't know what causes cancer, so we don't know.

Both of my parents died of cancer. My mother at a young age (56). Was their cancer caused by something they did wrong? My mother used spray deodorant. Did that cause her breast cancer? My father drank and my step-mother smoked like a chimney - did that contribute to his lung cancer? My answer is yes. So it was avoidable. Was it?

But with Kate, a young innocent child wrapped in the arms of her loving family? Did they live near high wires? Did she stand too close to the microwave? Maybe facetious questions, but they reverberate in my mind, nonetheless.

If Amanda hadn't been living a bit of the high life, having adult experiences, maybe she would still be safe in her family's arms? Did she make some poor choices? Maybe, but she didn't murder her roommate, her friend. Of that, I am convinced. Although a jury was convinced otherwise.

The pain that both of these families live with - so very troubling. Haunting.

My heart breaks for these 2 families. For the agony they must endure. For the battles they face.

So, for them, I will pray.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love horses. No, I adore horses. No, it's more than that. It's an affinity? It's an amazement? This has been going on my entire life. When I was 2 years old, we moved into a wonderful old house. Where the backyard ended, a stable began. Our neighbor had many horses (well, it seemed like a lot at the time), and a few ponies. I used to stand at the back fence and watch them. If I ever went missing, my mother knew where to find me.

I started taking riding lessons at 5. When I was 10, we moved away, and the lessons stopped, much to my dismay. I would ride once in a while, if the opportunity arose.

In my later 20's, I had friends who loved to ride too. We found an awesome stable, and we used to rent horses to ride every weekend.

Finally, my 30th birthday present to myself - a horse. A horse named Blue. Blue was an Appaloosa, and the smartest horse ever. I adored him. He was an older horse when I got him, and I had him for 13 wonderful years. I had to put him down on my 43rd birthday.

Fast forward to our move to the wild southwest. We now have two horses.


Dozer is a big quarter horse. He came from a working ranch, and has the brand to prove it. Steady and strong, he'll do anything you ask him to. I spent a few years riding him in the nearby wild country, until he threw me one day and I broke my back. Not his fault, he was just being a horse. Horses are prey in the wild, and he was scared. My fault, for not sticking on his back while he was spinning to get away from the predator.

Meet Belle:

Belle is a mustang (wild horse). She is a line-back dun and has zebra stripes on her legs. She is brilliant, sweet and loves loves loves kids. I rescued her from a not-so-great situation, almost 4 years ago.

Due to my injury, I don't ride very often anymore. But I still adore these glorious animals, and give lessons to kids.

In my Woolies shop, I love to make horses. Here's my latest one; his name is Winter. I'm planning a seasonal series. Stay tuned for Spring, Summer and Fall.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunflower Houses Giveaway

My team-mate Beth is having a wonderful giveaway over on her blog, Acorn Pies. This book just looks so fabulous, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am the winner! But I thought I'd share with you too.

I love to garden, but I also love illustrations. Just look at the one I posted above! If you go over to Beth's blog, tell her Woolies sent you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


At our back gate; horse stalls in the dusk.

Good Night