Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love horses. No, I adore horses. No, it's more than that. It's an affinity? It's an amazement? This has been going on my entire life. When I was 2 years old, we moved into a wonderful old house. Where the backyard ended, a stable began. Our neighbor had many horses (well, it seemed like a lot at the time), and a few ponies. I used to stand at the back fence and watch them. If I ever went missing, my mother knew where to find me.

I started taking riding lessons at 5. When I was 10, we moved away, and the lessons stopped, much to my dismay. I would ride once in a while, if the opportunity arose.

In my later 20's, I had friends who loved to ride too. We found an awesome stable, and we used to rent horses to ride every weekend.

Finally, my 30th birthday present to myself - a horse. A horse named Blue. Blue was an Appaloosa, and the smartest horse ever. I adored him. He was an older horse when I got him, and I had him for 13 wonderful years. I had to put him down on my 43rd birthday.

Fast forward to our move to the wild southwest. We now have two horses.


Dozer is a big quarter horse. He came from a working ranch, and has the brand to prove it. Steady and strong, he'll do anything you ask him to. I spent a few years riding him in the nearby wild country, until he threw me one day and I broke my back. Not his fault, he was just being a horse. Horses are prey in the wild, and he was scared. My fault, for not sticking on his back while he was spinning to get away from the predator.

Meet Belle:

Belle is a mustang (wild horse). She is a line-back dun and has zebra stripes on her legs. She is brilliant, sweet and loves loves loves kids. I rescued her from a not-so-great situation, almost 4 years ago.

Due to my injury, I don't ride very often anymore. But I still adore these glorious animals, and give lessons to kids.

In my Woolies shop, I love to make horses. Here's my latest one; his name is Winter. I'm planning a seasonal series. Stay tuned for Spring, Summer and Fall.


Emily said...

I remember Blue. Don't know if dad ever told you, but i used to collect those toy Grand Champion horses. I still have quite a few of them.

Judy said...

What a lovely story! You made me smile. I love horses too...amazing creatures they are.
...and your little winter horse is darling!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

I love your 'woolie' horse as much as your real ones.
lovely to hear about your treasured memories

FairiesNest said...

Now this post is one of the reasons I love to read blogs! It's marvelous to get a glimpse into your life like this. When I was a teen I traded stable cleaning...and currying... for riding lessons and loved ever minute of all of it. I haven't ridden in years but I still love horses.