Friday, April 12, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Our new Pony!

We have a new pony! It's a long story how I found him, but this pony needed a new home. I didn't know how badly, until he got here.
His hooves have possibly never been trimmed (our horses get their hooves trimmed every 2 months).
Underweight, although not drastic.
Still a stallion (never neutered).
Shedding in weird patches.
But the biggest thing wrong: Terrified. Scared to death. Literally shakes all over. Runs away. Cannot catch him.
This is Winslow, day one.

So, got his hooves trimmed. My blacksmith was so kind and patient. Spent a week working with him everyday, several times a day. Very hard to catch him. Usually takes two people - have to corner him. Left his lead line on him, so when you get close can either grab or stand on the lead line. Once caught, his terror is blatant.
Then he got gelded (neutered). This is major surgery. The vet was awesome. My friend Elaine, who came to lend moral support, fainted in the stall. :)
This is Winslow, no longer a stallion. Very wary of me.
And now he must be exercised twice a day, to help his incision heal. At first I thought, how will this ever work? But, bit by bit, he got a tiny bit easier to catch. And lead.

It was a great day, when he would trust me enough to put his head down and eat grass (instead of watching me constantly in fear).

The bonding and trust between us has grown. I bring sweet feed with me to his stall, and he will come to me. I've taken off his lead line. I exercise him every day. We go on walks. I'm teaching him that it is ok for him to be brushed, and washed with a hose. I now have him in a stall next to my "big" horses, and Belle (my mustang mare) has fallen in love with Winslow. You should see. :)
He's still scared, but not as bad.

He is so adorable, and so sweet. Not an aggressive bone in his little body; just wants love. I'll keep you posted!