Friday, February 29, 2008


LOOK at this picture I just found - these are little baby bunnies on my friend Kathy's ranch - which is another fabulous place to find handspun yarn -

Spring is coming to the high desert! It's a magical time - as we do actually have winter here too - so the warm sun feels awesome, there is grass growing (which will be dead in a few months, baked by the hot sun), the birds are very busy, and there are bunnies everywhere! All I want to make are bunnies!
This one is Emilie, she just sold recently. She was made from awesome handspun alpaca yarn, purchased from one of my favorites, northstaralpacas. She recently went to a wonderful and loving home in Denver.


Alpaca Granny said...

I'm glad that Emilie is in a good home. I was seriously checking in on her frequently.

Tizzalicious said...


Heatherly Designs said...

oh good lord, look at those cuties. i want them!