Sunday, March 2, 2008

High Desert

We are from Philadelphia, so the move to Tucson was a BIG change for us. We love it here, and the incredible beauty of the high desert will never cease to amaze me.
Tucson is surrounded by mountains. We live in the foothills of a small mountain range, the Tortolitas. To our immediate east is the Catalinas - the highest peak is Mt Lemmon, at over 9000 feet. There is snow up there - one road up - with a ski resort at the top (no, not a big resort, just a few runs). Catalina state park is where I used to ride Dozer, and many times riding there I thought I had fallen into a wild west movie.
Here's a pic of a the Canyon Del Oro wash - this is dry MUCH of the year, but when the rains come in the summer, or the snow melts, this can turn into a raging river.


Tanya said...

I've never seen or been in a desert but it sounds very extreme.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

You will love the laid back lifestyle of Tucson living. My sister has been there 13 years & will never come back to the northeast. If you like sunshine, friendly people and authentic Mexican food you picked a winner! Personally I love to visit her but need the ocean close by to survive :) Enjoy!
~ Jenn

Anonymous said...
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