Friday, March 7, 2008

Trouble with the new shop

So, my pendants are not selling at buster and boo. I KNOW it cannot be due to price, because I am only charging $10-$11 per pendant - which is actually a necklace because I have included either a ribbon necklace or silk cord, with sterling clasps. Quality. Well, I have sold two of them.
So, the question is, WHY? I would very much appreciate any input. I have a lot of new ones to list today, so am going to go play with the pics. They need to be compelling, and apparently are not compelling enough.
There are other shops on etsy selling similar items. Maybe too many? Maybe I don't have enough variety listed?
I also have them for sale at Bohemia Tucson, I wonder if they are selling at all there.....
Would very much appreciate ANY and ALL criticism, comments, suggestions!


Anonymous said...

I think they are beautiful and I plan on getting me one soon. I think disposable income is down right now because of the cost of home heating and fuel.

I think once warmer weather comes that it will pick up again. Jewelry is one of those items that are purchased when there's extra cash.

I think too that the competition for jewelry on Etsy is fierce and even when you relist you get buried really fast.

Heatherly Designs said...

I took a look at them and I think that retaking the pictures is a good start. You can tell they're bright fun little pieces but I think they'll be featured in more blogs and treasuries (which we know is added publicity) if the picture is a work of art as well.