Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I love stuffed animals, dolls, pixies, fairies. I don't care how OLD I am,
I just have never lost my fascination for these cuddly little creatures.

When I first started Woolies, I wasn't making stuffed animals, I was making the usual knitted things (my family got really tired of socks).

But I did have one or two felted llamas listed. They sold. I made
more.More sold. The shop evolved. I am animal crazy, always have been, so it makes sense that Woolies evolved into knitted stuffed animals.

ANYWAY, I love dolls, and one of my MOST favorite doll-makers on Etsy is Tiddlywinks. Each and every one of her dolls are unique,
adorable, and I want them ALL. I have one.....only one.......


Anonymous said...

Oh I blogged a bit today about dolls I knit. They are similar to the doll pictured (as far as shaping). I love dolls! My house if filled with them. I have 15 Pebbles Flintstone dolls from the 1960s!

theprimpantry said...

Totaly agree! Addicted

Alpaca Granny said...

Your knitted animals are the absolute bestest!
♥ Maple

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Delightfully Simple - Home of The Gumbles said...

What cute dolls!!!!