Sunday, March 30, 2008

Natural Kids

Good Morning!

Featuring another member of the Natural Kids team today.
Her work just blows me away. I wish I had been more of a
'natural kids' type mom when my boys were little. I'm afraid
that plastic had a prominent place in our house. My oldest
son, Noah, had a fascination with little cars. I did buy him wooden ones, but they were nowhere near as fascinating as the 'hot wheels' type.

Well, I can feel good about the fact that we spent an enormous amount of time in the woods, outside, Throwing rocks into the creek was a favorite pasttime, and took up a good part of just
about every weekend. Max, my younger son, was
just talking about the fact that there are no creeks
in Arizona. He still misses that kind of fun.


The shop I am featuring today is dmollison. She is another doll
maker extraordinaire. There's a forum thread on etsy that
the natural kids women chat in often, and dmollison made dolls
of her friends on that thread! Check out her teapot doll!
Just brilliant!


lskcrochet said...

Yeah, That was so nice of Oznits. I fell honored!

lskcrochet said...

opps feel:)

about denise said...

Oh! What a wonderful blog entry. Thank you for your kind words. It's an honor.

I had lots of plastic toys as a child. Don't get me started on my Halloween costumes. :)


FairiesNest said...

I Love Denise's dolls, their all natural, cute, and still have an ultra cool edge. I know what you mean about the plastic! I didn't discover Waldorf until my youngest, also a Max:), was born. The older two had a lot of plastic toys!

FairiesNest said...

Oops... They're! Geez that's a mistake I fuss at my kids about...I go hide my head in shame from the grammar police...

TheSingingBird said...

I'm so glad you featured Denise's work here, Sara. Her ideas are so well made into lovable dolls, and I want to see a woolies doll too, so be sure to give her your permission as you are an important member of our team! :)

Anonymous said...

I received my necklace yesterday! It is beautiful. I am wearing it today and my coworkers are admiring it!!

Jean said...

These are wonderful!! Thank you for visiting my blog and this is where I'm buying my next baby gift!! So sweet!

Ravenhill said...

I love her dolls too! They are sweet as can be! Thanks for visiting me today and such sweet words!