Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ya know, I have this thing for handspun yarns. Mohair (from angora goats - see baby pictures in previous posts), llama, alpaca, all kinds of wool. There is something about the textures, the smell, the feel. Sometimes my hands get softer when working with handspuns, because of the natural lanolin that is in it. Once, I needed black mohair for a project, and went to a commercial yarn shop. The mohair was horrible - it FELT chemically treated - which I am sure it was. yuck.
So I have found quite a few shops on Etsy that spin their own, from their own animals. It is the best. Maple Smith, from northstaralpacas, has some of the best yarn I've ever
encountered. I found some that I think she sent to me,
as a thank you, with an order.
This yarn is a blend of alpaca and wool. It is heathered -
she must have plied a bit of purple, and a touch of blue, in there.
I had 94 yards of it, exactly enough to make Beatrice. I
f you could only feel her!!!!! Thank you Maple!!!


Raven said...

I was just drawing a little elephant today and then came now to discover you most cutest cutie...How sweet!

And, thanks for posting on my blog. Be sure to enter THIS week's blog give-a-way for a sweet notecard! :)


lskcrochet said...

I put your link onto my blog! Have a great week!

Alpaca Granny said...

♥Aw, gee whiz, thanks for the kind words. The 'pacas and I are glad that you like our yarn and turn it in to such lovable critters.♥

OrenjiSlices said...

Love it! It is soo cute! Elephants are awesome. :)

Anja said...

Can't wait until she arrives at my house :-)
Love your critters!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I love Beatrice. She's so cute.