Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ah, it's never-ending. The photography issue, that is. I never seem to have enough light, although I have a light-box and 2 photography lights on either side. The table is set up right next to a window - lots of natural light as well.

AND I cannot decide on backgrounds, for my pendants at buster and boo. So I would love it if you would help me decide. As a thank you for helping me, if you want to purchase a pendant, and you would like FREE shipping, simply mention POLL in notes to seller at checkout.

The choices (for now, anyway) for backgrounds are




PLAIN (white or color)

Poll to your right


Bejeweled said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet comments on my tutorial.

I voted for the plain. Although I could see the rice or music if you had a themed collection of produce or music.

I have endless problems with light and photos too. Never turns out as bright and crisp as I planned :)

Retro Grandma said...

Love your blog! I voted for MUSIC! maybe because I love music and now I recycle records and create unique items. Happy Easter!

Waterrose said...

I like all of your backgrounds...I think the deciding factor is the pendant...its colors, texture..etc. So, I would use them all.

Tanya said...

I vote plain/color. You have so much detail in your pendants, that a busy background or texture will take away from the focus. Nice work, though.

Moodwax said...

I voted music also! I keep eyeballin' that white poncho you made too. I remember I used to have a navy blue and white one with fringe on the bottom in 3rd grade. God how I loved that thing!