Friday, March 28, 2008


There's this THING about Etsy - it's the community. If you hang out in the forums, you will find the most wonderful people (maybe a few crabby ones, but that's ok). There are people that are willing to go WAY out of their way to help out.
The people that run this BLOG are some of those people. It is called "All Things Handmade", and it is this amazing space where you can advertise your shop, and the items in it, by having your Etsy mini on it. What is an Etsy mini? It is a thumbnail of your shop. Your etsy mini shows 4 pics of your products, with a link to your shop. It's arranged by category on the blog. My etsy mini's are over on the right hand side of my blog, showcasing my best work.
It's like a catalog of some of the great work on Etsy. Anybody can be on there! No treasuries, curators, choosing for the 'gift guides' - just your work, right there, for anybody to see.
The folks who run this site get no rewards, paybacks, kick-backs, commissions.
SO run, don't walk to this site. Again, it is called Just click on the name and it will take you right there. Enjoy discovering new shops - and DON'T DELAY to get YOUR shop on there too!


Rhonda said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog a little while back. Things have been pretty hectic and I'm just now getting caught up! I love your blog and thanks for the etsy info. I'll have to check that out shortly.

I'll be sure to visit here often. Rhonda

Dotty said...

Wonderful write up woolies!

Helen said...

Your blog is always entertaining and I just learned something new. I'll check out that blog!

Helen said...

Sarah! Come look at my blog. I have a picture of the first yarn I am selling! Lots of editing to do but after two hours I did it:)

about denise said...

Woolies! What a great blog! I will be sure to visit again. :)


Helen said...

Stop over and see my new featured seller and my contest!