Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Shop

I feel like Etsy is crowded. I've been looking for new venues for my pendants, and I've found a few I'm going to try.
Here's the first one, here. There is no listing fee (yet) as it is a very new site. I only listed a few pendants, I wonder what will happen? It was very easy to get set up; took no time at all. For those of you that have slower sales on Etsy, give it a try! Here's one of the pendants that I listed there.


eyeshoot said...

I've signed up here too, tempted by the free listing for a year. I've not done well on Etsy, only six sales in almost a year with most people I chat to on the forums constantly saying that they "love my stuff"....I'm hoping that a new site with less faffing might be more profitable for me.

Good luck to you and your lovely pendants!

Rascallion said...

I am on iCraft too but I haven't listed much. Same with Mintd.
I have a huge list of other online markets that you might want to check out; Check it out here;

Best of luck,

PamperingBeki said...

I'm anxious to see how this works out. I've thought about listing there as well.