Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Knitting and Felting and Promoting

The Transformation!

1. Knit something. In this case, a sheep. It looks flat and limp
and stringy. It's knit on slighly larger needles, so the stitches
have spaces between them - loose looking. See picture 1.
2. Throw it into the washing machine. Low water level. HOT.
Put a pair of jeans in there with it. Let it agitate. The woolen

fibers mesh together. It shrinks! The stitches are no longer

visible as individual stitches. It is now a solid - material.

It is now a - SHEEP!

This particular sheep was donated to the Tucson Waldorf
School for their silent auction. It's (hopefully) a good way to
get my name out there (locally). And it is also reaching an
audience that I want to reach - that is likely to purchase my
product. The auction is this Saturday. I can't wait to see how
much my sheepie goes for (people bid on the items in the

I'll let you know!


Waterrose said...

Ok, I can't knit...now what? LOL

FairiesNest said...

Good luck with the auction...but you won't need it 'cause that is SUCH a cute sheep!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I love your sheep. Is it your original pattern?

Helen said...

Good luck with the auction! That's a great idea. I donate my knit goodies locally and I get all sorts of business from doing it. I think it's the best marketing tool there is :)