Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Bug's Life

Wow. I went to open the kitchen door early this morning, and was greeted by a rather LARGE bug. Just hanging out on the screen door.

I sort of feel like I stepped into the movie, A Bug's Life. If you've never seen it, rent it sometime - it's a great kid's movie, but fun for adult's too.

Anyway, the bug is about 4 inches long and it's a GRASSHOPPER. I would like to point out that we live in the desert, and there is no grass here. So where did he come from? Should I invite him in for tea, or coffee, or...what do grasshopper's eat??

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Waterrose said...

Grasshoppers are abundant in the desert...and I don't know what they eat, but I do know that they spit! Whenever I open a door...I look before I step out making sure there aren't any snakes!

Helen said...

I think they like grass, hay and ...water!

We have them in abundance here and they are destructive little critters.

Haven't seen you aeound my blog lately. Stop on by sometime... and figure out that code :)

Mary Richmond said...

love this! it is just spring here on Cape Cod and I've been lucky enough to be out all week with kids exploring the ponds and beaches so I chuckled when I saw this fellow. It's way too early for them in our neck of the woods. We have them in the dunes so am not surprised they're in the desert too!

Helen said...

I posted a pic of my horse today. Stop by and check her out.
Get that code when you can. I have to figure out how to do them too!

Helen said...

Opie (bloodline name Opal) is a Percheron draft horse. She was born with a tumor on her leg and it was removed but didn't close well so she can't be shown. Otherwise she has perfect stature and would have been a prize winner. She'll train to pull a carriage.