Monday, April 7, 2008

In Awe

I live in awe of some of the Waldorf-style art that is available on Etsy. I remember when Noah was about 2 - I totally splurged on a plastic farm set for him. Barn, animals, little farmer men and women. He loved it and played with it a lot.

But imagine if I had known about this:

This wonder is made by Wool Comes Alive at Etsy. The little bales of hay just absolutely FLOOR me. So now Noah is 15, and believe me, has absolutely no interest in anything HAY related (well, at least I hope so, if you know what I mean). We have horses, and the high-school version of Noah has little interest in them. He will feed them, but that's about it. So Sad.

Wool comes Alive makes all kinds of wonderous items. I rather want everything in her shop. You can buy these trees to put with your barn, and pretend you have an orchard.

Then, to make your wildlife scene complete, check out this little guy:



Helen said...

Ha ha! What perfect timing. I posted this morning about my craft group doing needle felting tonight!
Did you send me the ad to put on my blog? I haven't gotten it yet if you did.

TheSingingBird said...

I love Lively's barn set too, I wish my kids were still young enough to play with it! :)

woodmouse said...

Lovely picks! I really like the barn set. Psst, I tagged you on my blog:

mosey handmade said...

great post on a great artist!