Thursday, April 10, 2008


Just wanted to share some morning pictures with you - Happy Thursday, is it the weekend yet?
things bloom in the desert. I have no idea what kind of cactus this is, but it has really pretty flowers. this is a view of our front 'yard', we have some trees! and it really needs a good raking. What are you doing this weekend??

Dozer is worried about the camera, Belle couldn't care less. Dozer moves away to be nearer his girlfriend, it's safer in the herd.
Have a great day!


Christina said...

I loved waking up and seeing your pictures this morning. I like that Dozer has a girlfriend. :)

Helen said...

I tagged you with the "4 thingss" tag so there!
PS- Did you figure that out yet?

Mare said...

Hey! Your front yard looks fine to me! As long as it isn't covered in ice and snow! Actually we are finally thawed out here. Love those cactus flowers! Happy Spring mare