Thursday, April 17, 2008


The well is dry. Not as in, the creative well. NO, the Real Well. The one that holds the water. The 10,000 gallon well, that pumps the water for our house from the Tucson aquifer. So that we have glorious spring water that comes out of all our faucets. Not anymore, no spring water here.....
Isn't it weird? Our water comes from a well. We share the well with 3 other houses. And there's a problem. There's a leak, or the pump isn't working, or there's a crack in the pipe 700+ feet down.
So the water guy came today, to fill the well. He filled it 3 times, with 2000 gallons each time. And between the 2nd and 3rd trip to fill it, the water level dropped. Where did it go? Not to my house, not to the house that nobody is living in yet cause it's under construction, to the house on the corner that also has nobody living in it full-time?
All I can see are dollar signs. Flying away....or should I say floating away......on the water that is NOT coming into my house. I'm told it could be close to $10,000 to fix it. Possibly.
Maybe. Um, I do not have that kind of loose change right now. So I did not sleep last night. And cannot forsee sleeping until I have water again.
so just to prove that the creative well isn't dry yet, I'm showing pictures of little Russian Matroyshka dolls that I sewed onto felt and then put pins on the back. Just little pins....I'm going to need to sell a LOT of them to pay for my water.


mosey handmade said...

woolies dear woolies.
now those are some cutie-pie pins!
i'm doing the water dance for you over here!

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Sara, thanks for visiting my blog today. Buster the white one? What a sweetie pie. Not sure what he is either...ya got me! All four of your dogs are adorable though!

Waterrose said...

oh my water. That was one of my biggest fears when we were looking for our house and kept running into houses with wells. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

TheSingingBird said...

I am saying water prayers for you and your family...and sending hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love the pins! You are so talented. Wow! You can have three homes to one well? That's not legal here but I've heard of it in other places.
I'll do the water dance for you to and hopefully it will help the money tree grow!

Octavine Illustration said...

i love russian matroyshka dolls. these are so cute. and i think a most productive and creative outlet for water woes!~

Mare said...

Hi Sara,
I'll say a prayer that all works out for you. Please let us know how it goes...mare

woolies said...

Update to all who have been so kind:
still not fixed. We have water periodically, and then the well drains. My dear husband and the lovely (not) neighbor man are working on the problem.
I'll be calling the well fixer guy on Monday. :0)

pixies*and*pirates*boutique said...

Oh no!! No water in Arizona does not sound very good!! I will try to be joining in sending some water dancing (hmmm since we are from the land of 10,000 lakes I guess we would be lake dancing techinically) your way. Love the blog and those lil pins are TDF!!

Twinville said...

Oh no! No water?! Say it isn't so!

What's the latest news?

Here in NM, those who have wells experience the same problem. We lucked out and bought into a neighborhood that is a part of a water co-op, so no well for for us.

But every day, trucks and trailers drive past our neighborhood from south of us, carrying huge water containers to ger refilled....because their wells have run dry.

I sure hope your dry well isn't as serious and just a itty bit crack or something easily fixable and cheap!