Saturday, January 31, 2009

Earrings made from paper hand-made beads!

So tell me why these aren't selling? They're unique, well-made, different and fun! Are they priced right? Are they cute? Are my pictures not compelling enough??
I should probably go into Critiques in Etsy forums and ask, but thought I'd try here first......

What do you think? Be honest!!!!

You can find them in my Buster and boo shop here:
Thanks for your help!!


BirchLeaf Designs said...

Woolies! I think they are just beautiful and to know the beads are made from paper is pretty cool!
I think there is a *ton* of jewelry on Etsy so there is a big competition factor. Maybe the other reason is that folks just aren't really spending money right now. I have only had a few sales this month myself.

Mare said...

I think they are just beautiful and i agree with what BirchLeaf Designs says too. My daughter's shop has been slow all month, partly due to the economy and partly because of recovery from overspending for the Christmas Holiday i think....

HomeMadeOriginals said...

They look wonderful, I agree with Birch there is just so much jewelry on Etsy. I bet they would sell well locally, such as at a craft fair.
BTW I'm vacationing in your neck of the woods and enjoying the nice weather.

fishprincessdesigns said...

Woolies-these are super cute-I do agree jewelry is a tough sale-there is just so many wonderful items!

I'm using Etsy as an additional way of selling my work-It's just another facet that I'm working on. I'm going to try some more craft/art fairs and maybe find a store to carry my work too!

Hang in there, sales will come!

Inbal Weisman said...

I am so happy to find your blog!
I love your etsy shop . I had my second sale this weak but as a newbie I do have patient. Also I enjoy the platform of "shop" in etsy( and more places:
I have a shop in ARTFIRE:
And one on MIM and a new one on DaWanda ( the other places do not charge any fees yet...

By the way- those beads are beautiful! ( I did some of those kind with my children a month ago)

Adorn Me jewelry said...

These are fantastic! It's so cook that you can make your own beads out of paper and have them actually look beautiful. I'd never thought of it before. Go you. :)


MaggieBelize said...

First of all, congrats on passing 300 sales! Obviously you're doing so much that's "just right" in your making & selling.

I looked at both paper bead earring listings, and since you wondered why they aren't selling & asked for comments, here's my 2-cents worth:

I think the page-o-text background used for the Lotus (pale greens) bead earrings is maybe too strong for the delicate colors/patterns of the beads, and overwhelms them? Maybe they would show better on a cloth or paper background of a solid neutral or complimentary pastel color? Or on a model?

And this is entirely personal preference, but I don't like the oxidized silver findings with those particular beads. The hooks seem dark & heavy, while the beads are delightfully light & delicate. Personally, I would prefer bright & shiny, or light-colored, findings with those beads.

I am always reluctant to criticize someone's work because something that may not work for me will be perfect for the next viewer! But really, since you asked ... them's my humble opinions.

Good luck heading towards the 400 sales mark!

--Margaret Briggs
Designer, kNotes for kNitters

P.S. I found your blog thru my Project Wonderful ad, FYI!