Sunday, March 15, 2009

Organic Cotton

Did you hear about the CPSIA situation? No toys with lead (DUH!) are allowed to be sold. Testing was going to be required. Then there was a stay of execution. And natural materials are exempt.


I've always used all natural materials in my Woolies. But now even more so - and luckily, the natural fibers are becoming more readily available (although still kinda pricey).

So, with a new design and organic cottons - check out Beatrice!

She's available in my Woolies shop. I hope she finds somebody to love her!


Anonymous said...

she is absolutely beautiful! i love her...wish we could afford her...but we have so many stuffed animals and critters i don't reckon we need another one!

:0) hope she sells quickly for you~

Unni Strand said...

She is so lovely!

QuiltLover said...

Beautiful, as is everything in Woolies and Buster & Boo.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! I'm sure she'll be hopping off to a new home soon!!

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Aw! She's adorable!

Raven said...

Absolutely adorable!