Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wild Horses!

Well, not really wild. Domesticated horses, acting WILD. They spend their days in their stalls, with lots of shade and water and hay. At night, we let them out into the arena - which isn't huge, but it's a whole lot bigger than their stalls. I dream of the day when we have real pasture - fields - lots of space for them to roam.

Once in a while, they go a little nuts. Tonight was one of those nights. The bigger horse is Dozer (the one with the blaze on his face). He's a quarter horse. The smaller horse is a mustang - we do not know her background. I believe that she was born in captivity. But she is a true mustang. Her coloring is called line-back dun. And she is brilliant.
Tonight, Dozer was so wild - he reared up - all the way. And as he was galloping, he kicked Belle. I hope she is ok.

Crazy pictures, because it was dusk, and they were kicking up tons of dust, and I had to use the flash!


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FairiesNest said...

I love it when horses get going like that! My parents have a place at the beach where there a real wild horses and they are amazing to watch, especially the stallions.