Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snake Rescue

I was outside with my dogs early this morning - really the only time of day when it is nice outside. Before the air turns into an oven. I went to check on the pool, to make sure there were no desert toads in the water. Desert toads are enormous, and poisonous, and I've already taken many out of the water so far this summer.

But this morning, I had a different surprise. I called my hubby outside, and we rescued him. He had taken refuge on the floating thingy that holds the chlorine tabs.

Just a baby.

He was well and happy to be out of the water. A baby gopher snake - a good kind of snake. About 12 inchs long, and skinnier than your finger - I would say he is only a few weeks old.

I'm a little worried, because snakes hatch from eggs, and where there is one, there are more.

Just glad he wasn't a rattlesnake.


SewnNatural said...

I love your posts and your photos because the visual landscape + nature is so very different from where we live. I can imagine you were quite glad he wasn't a rattler :)

FairiesNest said...

I'm with Jen...I love the "News from Desert" updates. Such a different environment.

Stacy @ Foxglove Studios said...

The wildlife has always been one of my favorite things about desert living.

Found one of these little guys outside my office a couple months ago. Nearly steppe on him! Once I got over the initial shock (almost gave me a coronary) and figure out he wasn't a rattler, I put him in a box and let him loose at home to deal with the rodents. We also have a family of bobcats for neighbors.

Now, the 4-foot rattlesnake that greeted Jess when she came home late one evening... Another story, LOL.


Here upstate NY we still have our milksnake on the porch... he's taking care of the rodents and spiders! Like Stacy said, after the shock of finding them, some can be good neighbors!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I also enjoy coming to your blog to see the contrast in landscapes from our own.
Thank you for sharing.

mrsbeccijo said...

So glad he was a "good snake", Max just loves all your rocks! He looked at your photos for quite a while and then asked if you sell you rocks, lol! I always find his pockets full after a trip to the park!

Imagination Kids said...

Oh my what a surprise! Not sure if I would be up for that so early in the morning.

The Sitting Tree said...

What a gorgeous snake. Glad it wasn't venomous though!