Saturday, July 10, 2010

Artisan Spotlight

I want to share a wonderful artist with you.

Her name is Stacy, and you can see her work at Foxgloves. She is a needle-felter extraordinaire.

Check out some of her work! She taught me how to needlefelt. I think it takes more patience than I have, or maybe I just lost count of the number of times I stabbed myself.

You could just about bite into that juicy pear, and one day I'd love to have her needle felt my home - like the one above.

Some artists just aren't content with one medium, they must branch out into others. (ahem, like me).

Stacy has just opened her newest shop on Etsy - fantastic, unique and beautiful Jewelry! Where - how did she learn this?? Please stop by Sweet Escargot.

Stacy was wearing a pair of these the other day when we got together - TOO adorable. All hand-fabricated.

I'm in love with this necklace too!
Have a great weekend - just wanted to share!


The Sitting Tree said...

Love the felted lovelies, but the jewelry is gorgeous!!

Stacy @ Foxglove Studios said...

Thanks, Sara! You rock. :D

idyll hands said...

I have that pear and the lovely Stacy made me a piece of brie to go with it because every good slice of pear deserves from brie. Great blog spotlight for an awesome fiber and jewelry artist!