Saturday, December 31, 2011


My Mom died on New Years Eve, 1982. She had just turned 56. She died of breast cancer.

My Mom taught me how to knit, sew, and be an independent woman. She taught me lots of other things too.

I still miss my Mom, 29 years later. I like to think that she would be proud of me, my children, my husband, our home, my little Woolies business.

I have lots of beautiful things my Mother made - here's one I wanted to share with you.

This ornament is always on our Christmas tree, so I can remember her hands making this.

Happy New Year!

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Mary Ann said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!

I understand how you feel. My mum died December 30th, 2003. She was 90 though and had lived a good life. I find this time of year a bit of a downer because of her death but then I remember her and I know she would be very annoyed at me for feeling like that:)