Friday, August 14, 2009

A little Visitor

Oh! It is such fun living in Tucson Arizona! Last night, I asked my son to take the dogs outside. It was dark out, and luckily, he thought to turn on the patio light *before* he opened the door. You never know who might be lurking.

You can't tell from the picture, but this is a BABY snake. No idea what he is, but he does NOT have rattles, so that is a very good thing. He wasn't more than 9 inches long.

Anybody know what kind of snake he is??

We very kindly relocated him back to the desert - not too far away, but OFF the patio.

What worries me is - where are all his baby brothers and sisters?

UPDATE: my husband says it is a Thornscrub hooknose snake. (??? how does he know ??)


Jenn said...

i love snakes. yes, i'm a freak! :0) they don't scare me or bother me one bit. we have tons of snakes around here... garter snakes, king snakes, copperheads and water moccasins as well as many other water snakes. they won't bother you if you don't bother them! :0) in all the 11 years we've lived here, we've only heard of 1 person being bitten by a copperhead and he lived.

Valerie said...


Snakes are cool and all.... but... not that close to the house!

Unni Strand said...

He's lovely!

Kim said...

yikes - snakes scare me. Forget his bros...where is his gigantic mother?

Petula said...

I am a little miffed about the snake situation right now. I've had two different types of snakes within a month or two of each other recently. The first time I saw a snake here in my yard was about seven years ago and now I am seeing them quite often. I am not happy about how close and comfortable they are coming to being in my yard. It's not like when I was growing up in the country and I expected to see something like that. I feel so violated.

Sherry said...

I'm thinking I'm going to have to take the shore over the snake!