Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pray for Kate

There is a little girl who is sick. She has a brain tumor. Her name is Kate. I read about her on another blog, and started following her story on Caring Bridge.

Caring Bridge, by the way, is a wonderful way for family and friends to keep up on progress of somebody who is ill. In the past, I have followed 2 others - close friends - with critically ill children, and BOTH of those stories ended happily, with the children growing and well. I pray for the same outcome for Kate.

If you want to help her family, they have opened a shop on Etsy, for the purpose of selling Pray for Kate bracelets.

You can find them here.

Thank you!


Judy said...

I too will pray for this little sweet child.

Jenn said...

Oh, I hate to hear when children are suffering...reminds me of my Maddie, when she was hospitalized with her kidney disease. Hard times...I pray for all families with sick children, it's every parents' biggest fear.

paperhill said...

i will pray for her & her family. thank you for visiting my blog. have a nice weekend.

Cascia said...

Please visit the Prayer Chain Across the Blogosphere and add your prayer intentions.

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

'Adding my prayers to everyone here. Love, Sunny