Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Endless Sunshine

I live in the land of endless sun. I can understand how that would be appealing. The last year we lived in Philadelphia, it rained 18 weekends in a row. 18!
So we moved west, to be near family.

However, here in southern Arizona, it hasn't rained since July. It is November. It is always sunny.

I hate it.

I'm very crabby, and I think I have sunny diseffective disease. Self diagnose.

I want wind, and cold, and frost, and crunchy leaves underfoot - and the fall smell in the air. I do not want to wear sleeveless t-shirts anymore. Or sandals.
Did I mention that it was 89 degrees today - November 10th?

I hate this place.

See that little bunny? He likes it here.
Not me.


Heather said...

I live in Philly, and not to rub it in or anything, it's been glorious here lately. :)
...but you'll have the last laugh
in a month or so.
(Although I grew up in Cleveland, so no Winter here bothers me very much!)
Love your blog! Heather

Jenn said...

feel for ya, i do!

i think we live in a good medium zone...we have all seasons although summer definitely lasts the longest. i would love to visit where you are...but i wouldn't wanna live there!

Cozy said...

After many years of living in Utah I am not in love with desert living either. My husband however loves not shoveling snow.

Judy said...

I agree sometimes the same ole, same ole gets irritating. I think you need to turn on the sprinkler and run through it today!

brainella said...

I agree. I could not live there either. I loved visiting Phoenix but living there...nope. Then again, the humidity here in Atlanta makes my hair scary. :-)

Cottontail Quilts said...

You photo's are beautiful. It doesn't show your dislike of warm weather. I live in Northern Michigan and it's November...everywhere is warmer than here...I love to move.