Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patient Kitty!

So......I have bronchitis, and am just lying around knitting. My oldest son wants to keep me company, but really he is just torturing me. Of course, his i-phone is constantly in his hand. And, of course, his cat is sleeping nearby. She is never far from him when he is home.
He put the phone down to do something (without thinking), and put it on his cat! A phone rest! Then he decided that was such a great idea, he'd put some other things on her.

Boo had to check out what was going on!

Poor kitty!

Don't worry, it was only a few moments of insanity.

Anyway, he made me laugh hysterically, which made me cough hysterically.
Saturday afternoon hysterics!


Emily said...

(this is your niece Emily, btw)

I'm sorry you don't feel well!!! Get better!!!!

And i can't believe the cat even LET him do that... but it did make for some great pictures.

Polar Bear Creations said...

Hope you feel better soon!

What a patient cat and great pics!

Jenn said...

This is cute...hope you're feeling better by now! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!! :0)

artsyclay said...

Such funny pictures of the cat!

Hope you feel better soon.