Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring in Arizona

Spring is here. It is a subtle difference, as we don't have harsh winters. But we had our first 80 degree day last week.

An amazing thing has happened this spring, that I've never seen before since we've lived here (6 years now). It was a very wet winter - I loved the gray and rainy days, as they are rare here.

Grass has grown. Where it is always brown, it is green. I can't say that it is 'lawn', as that would mean that you might actually have to mow it - which is unlikely. Because as soon as the heat starts - the grass will die. But before it does, I'm going to let my horses graze on it's sweet goodness.

The mountains that you see in the distance are the Tortolitas - not a very tall mountain range. But there was snow on that range a few times this winter!

Question - what is this red grass growing? Anybody know??


germandolls said...

Wow, that is really weird - seeing the green grass grow in Arizona. Maybe you could make a golf course? LOL. I hope the horses enjoy this special treat! =)

FairiesNest said...

It does seem very odd to see grass and cactus growing together! Nature- always a new trick up her sleeve!