Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm looking for a 12 step program for my one and only addiction.



Here's my rationale:

I only have 1 a day. Lunchtime.

Did I say that I love it? I love the bubbles, the flavor, the caffeine. (It does have caffeine, yes?)

I have tried to quit.

I gave up.
It is the elixir of life.

Today, I read an article about bad things in processed foods. We do not eat a lot of processed foods at my house. We cook. We cook from scratch. I bake. I bake breads, cookies, cakes. I don't like most cookies that you buy at the store - even from the 'bakery' aisle. Oreos leave a bad taste in my mouth. We eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We're slowly switching to organic foods - milk, eggs, meats. Know why? Organic milk, eggs and meats do NOT come from animals that have been fed hormones and antibiotics. My friend Cathy raises chickens. We get most of our eggs from her. YUM.

So......what is with the DIET COKE ADDICTION?????
Do you know what artificial sweeteners can do to you? oooooo bad things.
Including messing with your metabolism. (Is that why I can't lose weight?)
Linked to cancer.
etc. etc etc.
Anybody have any suggestions?? Please post here.


erin said...

Absolutely none, I have the same love. I adore having a diet coke and pretzels. Its about the most heavenly snack on the planet.

be said...

there are some 'natural' soda drinks out there...maybe you could substitute?
try drinking a large glass of water whenever you start wanting coke?
you are most likely addicted mainly to the artificial sweetners...
good luck!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

After having a chuckle, I can see your dilemma.
You and probably 1000's of people are in the same boat I imagine....i have the same problem with chocolate!
Could you possibly avoid those places that sell it? Probably not that practial?
Sounds like to need a strategy, a plan of attack.
If you know it's a poision Sara, maybe you can devise a list of yucky things to put your 'brain' off the idea of drinking it.

I wish you the best of luck!

Emily said...

After I gave her a really hard time about it, my Mom switched to sweet tea. Specifically, sweet tea from Sonic with their crushed ice. She is completely addicted and it is a much more expensive habit. Especially when you acknowledge that she is basically paying for water.

Galit said...

Wow, you left me speechless.
Listen, this is 100% poison.
I'll give you a weird suggestion but try it out - maybe you'll like it.
Make a strong concentrate tea from your favorite tea bags and mix it with sparkling water.
Try sweeten it with Stevia (which is a 100% natural extract 300 times more sweet than sugar).
Make it ahead every evening so you'll have a pre-made bottles in your fridge.
It sound weird but it tastes good, no calories, refreshes and healthy (oh, and cheap!)

Valerie said...

I don't know how to help you..I'm in the same boat. I've been addicted for many years and now that I am a 'certain age' I am packing on the pounds. I heard that giving up the diet coke would help. I've cut down but can't seem to give it up entirely.

Willpower... where are you when I need you!

FairiesNest said...

What about coffee? Good for you, caffeine, yummy, caffeine, can be drunk hot or cold...and did I mention caffeine? My own little addiction....

Anonymous said...

I think we all have just a tiny bit of 'bad' in us no matter how good we are everyplace else in life
giggle an ejoy it!!

Anja said...

I love carbonated drinks, but I don't drink any sodas. Pure junk. Try Izze, it is a carbonated drink with some juice added. Or I mostly drink sparkling water with a little added lemon, no sweetener, if I feel like having something bubbly.

Jenn said...

i don't like diet anything because i have heard about the artificial sweeteners not only causing the problems you mentioned, but they also cause you to become angry. something about it (i don't know for sure, research it) causes you to feel and express anger more readily and when my husband was drinking it, he did yell and have a quick temper alot faster. i swear!

soooo, just knowing that would be enough to make me not want it. who needs anger and stress in their life anymore than what they already have? i do sometimes drink a soda of some sort (a few a year) but i generally don't like them...they are too sweet! and i avoid caffeine if possible....however, we do drink lots of tea around here and sometimes our teas have caffeine. w

germandolls said...

I love sparkling water. You get the fizzes without the chemicals. Maybe you can add a slice of lemon or lime. Diet coke is soooooooo bad for you!

I used to be a smoker. Now it seems like it was in another life...I quit when I got pregnant with my first child.
You must find a good reason why you need to quit. It will motivate you!

My only addiction now: fabric. My self-prescribed diet is not working at all, I keep buying more...

Polar Bear Creations said...

I would say that I have a Coca-Cola addiction since I have been a teenager.
It has to be the real thing, no other will do,not Pepsi, not diet or any of the other related Coke products.
I just like that original Coca Cola!!
Diet stuff with sweetener is just wrong in my eyes. It tricks your pancreas into something that is not happening in your system . Sweetener are sooo bad for your digestive system. Any person with bowl issues can tell you what it does to them.....
What we are getting hooked on is mostly the caffein .
I found the only way to get a grip on this is to not drink it and quiet cold turkey. It also is a habit thing, like with most other things that we get "addicted" to.
I will still have a Coke from time to time, but I limit it to just one a day, if I really would like one. This way it becomes a treat for me, at the end of a day for example.
I drink lots of water too, but just water ALL the time just doesn't cut it for me.
I just LOVE the taste of Coke too much!! :0)
So I totally understand your problem Sara!
I think you are doing great in all your food habits and I'm sure you an get the diet coke habit under control too. You don't have to give it up , just try controlling it . It will work!

Beth said...

I also think of a diet coke, that chemical concoction, as a wonderful treat, especially if it is very cold and in a can! Maybe it is okay to have one little vice? love, Beth