Friday, April 2, 2010

Toys Toys Toys Toys

Do you remember what it was like to play? I mean, really play. Get down on the floor and play with your little dolls/stuffed animals/plastic (yuck)superheros?

We (my brother and I) used to use our blocks a lot - make forts and houses and stuff. Then the little doll-type people would make up games and play mommy and daddy and make dinner and stuff. They probably had wars too, we were the violent type. Cops and robbers - cowboys and indians. :)

Down on the floor; pretending. No thought for anything else.

That's what I want to do -

With THESE toys!

Swim with the mermaids!

From The Enchanted Cupboard.

My brother and I played a lot of spy-type games. This would have been great.

From Wood Toy Shop.

Play food would have been so much fun.

From Fair Trade Family.

My mom didn't like Barbie, she thought Barbie was too 'mature'. I wonder if these dolls would have been ok?

That's why I like my own little acorn dollies. Just the right size to stash in your pocket, and play pretend with all day.

At Woolies.

Go check out The Natural Kids Store for more wonderful, imagination-provoking toys! All natural - no plastic here!


CurlyMonkey said...

Such a beautiful selection of natural toys!

mrsbeccijo said...

What a great collection of fun toys!

germandolls said...

Great post! I like your acorn dollies!

be said...

how fun and cute! so glad i discovered this blog/shop!