Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Constant Companions

I knit. A Lot. And who is always lying right beside me?

Who prefers to be lying on the cool tile?

Who is naughty and leaves all their toys lying everywhere?

Who wants to go outside??

Who is very independent and loves to explore?

Who stays by my side, even when we're outside?

Who is getting better at coming when called?

And whose tail never stops wagging?

Who wants to go inside for TREATS??????? (please forgive the shoes, they stay outside by the back door...)



EvesLittleEarthlings said...

4 dogs!! I love dogs, yours are so cute. We have a big labradoodle, who looks mostly like a lab. She has her own room and bed now that the eldest has moved out!

alexkeller said...

aw, how cute! we have a black Lab - Bandit.say have you ever knitted your doggies ?!?

Mare said...

What a beautiful pack of friends you have there!

Gnomeful Things said...

They are adorable companions! If only my Weim and GSP would behave so well.