Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baking Bread

One of my favorite foods is bread. Bread of all kinds. Wheat, rye, sourdough, crusty french loaves - I could probably live on it. Hmm, perhaps I look like I do.

My mother used to bake bread from scratch - not too many mom's did that, where I grew up. There truly is nothing like the smell of baking bread.

It's one of my favorite things to do.

This weekend I decided on Barefoot Contessa's honey bread.

I adore all Ina's recipes. YUMMMMM.

If you've never tried her recipes, I highly recommend. I think I have all her cookbooks.

So, one of my most favorite kitchen tools is my Kitchen-Aid. And the dough hook. Does a lot of the work for you, but you still get to knead the bread, and punch it a few times.

Then you leave it alone in a buttered bowl to rise for an hour. YAYY.

This recipe makes 2 loaves. So you divide the risen dough in half, and let it rise again, this time in it's buttered baking pans.
And you end up with this.

Utterly delicious. I gave one of the loaves to my father in law. Makes the best toast!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMM

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alexkeller said...

ah, fresh bread! i usually cheat and use my bread maker, but once a year at Easter i bake Ukrainian paska or babka. i could really make it any time of year, it's just called by a different name. even i can't keep up!