Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mister Grumbles

Dozer is our quarterhorse. He talks to me. Back before he lived on our property - and I used to board him at a stable - he would recognize my car and whinny to me almost as soon as I pulled up.

Smart, yes?

His stall is a little distance away from the house - not too far. He can see everything that goes on. If I take the dogs outside, he starts to talk to me. He grumbles. It's a wonderful horse-talk deep in his throat.

So, I've renamed him.

Mister Grumbles.

Of course, he's asking to be fed. So, most often, I comply with his wishes.
I love that horse.


FairiesNest said...

Aww what a sweet boy. I miss having a horse...

mrsbeccijo said...

He looks like my horse I had growing up, Pretty Boy!

Linda said...

He is wonderful!

Yarn Miracle said...


I want a Mister Grumbles, but I am still negotiating for chickens so a horse may take a while.

Waterrose said...

how cool is that! and I love the name.