Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a Week!

What a week.

Sadly, my stepmother passed away. She and my Dad were married for 25+ years. I'm going to miss her lots. It was her time; she was 90. Love to you, Mary. My Dad passed away 8 years ago, and she has spent the past 8 years missing him terribly. I hope they are together now.


My kid brought home germs. I caught those germs. In one day, it turned into bronchitis. Antibiotics, asthma meds. No sleep, up all night coughing, misery. 4 days later, not a whole lot better. I was supposed to be a vendor at my friend's Spring Shearing Festival today - and was up and dressed and the truck was packed with tent, etc. My husband kept telling me I was out of my mind - terrible weather forecast for cold and rainy (in Tucson?!?). I like the cold. I don't mind rain. But then I stood outside for 10 minutes, and couldn't stop coughing. I have no voice either. I decided to listen to my hubby. And I cancelled. I'm sure my friend wasn't thrilled; I'm sorry Kathy!!

And during all this, I worked my day job. Yep, worked and worked. I had a business lunch on Wednesday - people came in from out of town to see me. No way could I cancel on them. Sick as a dog, I went. I hope I didn't breathe too much on them.

and every evening worked on Woolies for the fair today, that then I didn't attend.

I sort of feel like I'm moving through a fog. A rainy fog. Similar to the outside.

And underneath it all, a sadness for losing Mary. She's never far from my thoughts. I imagine hearing her voice. My last conversation with her was just a couple of weeks ago. Feisty Mary. I will miss her so.

Look at little Boo running to me in the rain. :)

Did I tell you the story about the snake in the yard? I'll save that one for another day....


Mare said...

Oh i am so sorry to read about your terrible week..I am sorry for your loss, and i hope you are feeling, mare

earthboysblog said...

Sorry to hear about your mothers death.. she lived a long time. Goldenseal is always in our home in case those viruses find us... it's magical, we never get sick anymore... great for cuts and wounds to.