Sunday, April 3, 2011

Woolies Giveaway

Woolies Giveaway- a pony! You get to choose your colors. Head on over to Natural Suburbia. Linda has a wonderful blog, and I find it extra great to read, as she lives in South Africa! If you like to knit, Linda has some fabulous patterns for sale in her shop.

Giveaway ends tomorrow, so don't delay!


~Dawn~ said...

I would feel so honored to win one of these woolies! Will enjoy following your blog and keeping up on your gardening - good luck!

Linda said...

Wishing you all the best with your giveaway Sara, thanks so much for linking to my blog and shop:)
xo xo

K said...

Ach. How did I miss this? I even have you on my blog roll. But then, I do horses, too, so I would have declined and given my chance to another. I was pretty darn charmed by the rabbit, though. Fun, huh, to give life to little bits of fabric and yarn. Anyway, just popping by to say hello and tell you how lucky you are to have this talent. Love the southwest. My daughter lives there. I don't think Utah counts as anything really - wait. Mountain West. Maybe that.