Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plight of the Wild Horses

Besides the fact that Carol Walker is an amazing photographer, I read each and every post of hers with rapt attention, and sinking heart.

Please Please drop by her blog Wild Hoofbeats, for the latest news of the BLM roundup. Please voice your opinion in the link provided in her post. (or just click there, but I'd really like you to read more about it first). It's heartbreaking to hear how the wild horse families are being decimated.

One of our horses is a mustang, and I would never separate her from her herd of one - they are bonded as two horses could be.

Photo credit: Carol Walker

Thank you Carol for being a vigilant ally to the wild horses of America.

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themagiconions said...

Oh, this had my eyes stinging with tears and my throat rough with emotion... thank you for this post!
I've also linked to her site today.
Blessings and magic,
and of course, I sent off my opinion!