Sunday, August 21, 2011

Craft Fair Booth

HELP. My craft fair booth is the worst ever. It doesn't feel organized, it doesn't have a 'flow' to it, I'm not utilizing all of my space.

My problem is I have two completely different products in my booth - jewelry and stuffed animals. ( and

My problem is also that I am a terrible decorator? Or possibly just a moron.

One thing I'm about to do is order a banner for Buster and boo. It will say, in giant letters, TYPEWRITER KEY JEWELRY. It will hang across the back of the booth.

I have a display of a very vintage typewriter at the front of my booth - which does draw attention. But it's awkward. I wish I had a genuine vintage typewriter table. In fact, I'd really like to have more 'furniture' as a method of display. But I must stay within the confines of my booth.

I have a really cute Woolies pennant thingy (cannot think of the right name). I'm going to hang that at the entrance to my booth.

What do YOU use to utilize all of your space? To NOT have people looking DOWN all the time? Do you have everything tagged with prices? Or do you have a sign with prices? (I have both - Woolies are all priced individually, and there is a sign for Buster and boo items).

I think a proper display-booth would make a lot of difference.

I need HELP. I am not a great interior decorator. Let me know if you're available for hire. Sheesh. I am pathetic. I'm embarrassed to show you these pics. :(

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PrintDiscUSB said...

I think the black table cloths work under the woolies, making them pop! But under the jewelry and jewelry display they just get lost. I even have to look for the typewriter... maybe use the blue on those tables.

I would put the woolies display in the center back and the jewelry displays on each side.

I also use boxes and books under my table cloths to give different heights to my items... and if it is a slow show you have something to read, LOL!

I also use caulk boards and chalk cloth labels for my pricing and information - I use these in my B&M shop as well.