Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking a Walk

New Years Resolution: Exercise. Lose Weight.

But, this year, I have a different strategy. In the past, (like last year), with the same resolution, it fizzled after a while. Walking in my neighborhood isn't very exciting. It feels like work.

Walking - here - doesn't feel like work.

This is Catalina State Park. Those are the Santa Catalina mountains. This trail is really steep (as are many of them), and has me huffing and puffing.
Hopefully in a month or so, I won't be huffing so hard.

Come walk with me!


Mary Ann said...

I wouldn't mind being there right looks nice and sunny and warm:)

alexkeller said...

i would! i live right in oro valley!


Hi Woolies,
Thank you for posting on my blog! I understand about walking, for me it is one exercise that I will do on a daily basis. Weather permitting of course :)