Monday, January 9, 2012

Water Obstacles

I've kept it up for a week now. I'm hoping that I don't have to confess, in a month or so, that I've stopped going.

Walking, that is. Or, more like, hiking. Lots of steep climbs.

This is the Sonoran Desert. It is dry here. Lots of dry washes and old riverbeds. I've read that the Ho-Ho'kam Native Americans that lived here, had access to more water here than we do.

So it is my joy to come across water. The other day I hiked the Canyon Loop Trail in Catalina State Park. I had to cross 4 water obstacles. They are too wide to jump, too deep to dry to step through. Other hikers, or the park rangers, have placed rocks. I use them to get across. It's slippery, and I try not to imagine slipping and breaking an ankle and having to be helicopter rescued.

The water is from the snow melt in the Catalina mountains. I'm sure it's good enough to drink.

I love it!!

(hmm, pictures are sort of 'washed out', no pun intended. It was a really sunny morning!)


Linda said...

Sara, what a beautiful place to hike, amazing! We love to hike and this area looks absolutley wonderful!

Melody said...

Lovely! Enjoy your walks!