Thursday, February 9, 2012

How fast a month flies....

With all the best intentions, I deserted my blog for the past month! That is because I am crazy busy.
Being unemployed does not give you more time, it gives you less.
Or, that's how it works for me, anyway.
I'm doing some part time sales work.
I'm doing some freelance media work.
I'm working on ramping up my websites.
I'm looking for wholesale/consignment shops. Know of any that like handmade work?
I'm trying to keep laundry clean, kitchen clean (and bits and pieces of the rest of the house)...
Trying to organize my yarn/office/closet......
My husband is now working evenings, so it is up to me and my son to figure out dinner for ourselves. I cook dinner most nights. He goes to get the ingredients for me. We are totally unorganized on this. It's driving me crazy.
I just finished a wholesale order for 12 Earth ponies.
I'm still working on Woolies custom orders - luckily, they keep coming in.
I package all the Buster and boo orders everyday. Luckily, they keep coming in, although at a slower pace. I need to advertise. I'm redoing my banner and all my materials.
I'm doing craft fairs. I'm preparing for craft fairs. I have a big one next month - Tucson Museum of Art.
I'm job searching. Everyday.


Mary Ann said...

I'm worn out just reading your post....LOL Good luck with everything that you have going on:)

Linda said...

Sara, your Earth Ponies are beautiful! It sounds like you have got so many wonderful things that your are busy with and planning. The cooking and menu organising will find its rhythm and eventually fall into place. I can hear you are going to do so well!
Take care

Eloquent English said...

I really love these! So cute!