Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter in Tucson

It SNOWED one day last week. I was running around with nothing but a sweatshirt on (well, I think I must have had jeans on too...), bringing my horses up to their covered stalls so they wouldn't get snowed on (not that they care....and once I brought them up to their covered stalls they stood in the open....) with FREEZING hands and then was running around with my camera SO excited that it was snowing, and then I was so proud because I texted the picture to lots of people!
Wow is that the longest sentence EVER?
I love winter here. :)

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momto5 said...

how did i not realize you were in tucson? we use to live there and are now up in tempe. lol i have many friends down there. i loved the occasional surprise snow that tucson would sometimes get. :)