Thursday, June 26, 2008


Our last spring and summer in Philadelphia, it rained 18 weekends in a row. We were happy to leave, and come to a land of endless blue skies and sunshine.

Blue skies and sunshine can get really OLD, after a while.

Ecstasy. The monsoon season has come to the Old Pueblo. !! I LOVE it when there are clouds in the sky. It breaks up the monotony.

But yesterday, the clouds REALLY built up. Late in the day, it started. Lightning, thunder. You can see rain shafts, off to the west. You know it's raining, over there. You wait and hope for rain where you are. The first few big drops, then it rolls in. Thunder, Lightning, RAIN. I sat outside, on my porch, and reveled in the smell of the rain. My drought stricken trees reveled in the wetness.

These pictures of the lightning over the city of Tucson, were taken by stickb0y7, you can find him on flickr. Used with permission. Amazing.

So, for now, I'll sit back and wait for the next storm. Impatiently.


twofortam said...

This reminds me of when my sister lived in New York. She loved the summer thunder storms, but her dog hated it. He would hide in the bathtub until the thunder stopped. (Poor thing!) Beautiful pictures!

Jenn said...

Wow, this is beautiful and frightening looking at the same time. We get tornadoes here and the storms can be rather intense, blow up fast and disappear just as fast...we get big wind storms and damaging hail sometimes...I don't really like storms. Rain, yes...storms, not so much.

P said...

What beautiful pictures!

we've been having "monsoons" here in the Northeast too. Boston had a flash flood today-- really!


Peggy said...

Hi from Ireland. I cannot imagine anyone sitting out waiting for rain! It is midsummer here and temperatures are way down and showers most days.I enjoyed your blog and will visit again.