Friday, June 27, 2008

Wholesale order!

Well, since my Woolies shop seems a tad - empty - these days, I wanted to assure you all that I've been busy.

This little group represents half of a wonderful wholesale order by a lovely lady on Martha's Vineyard (a place that I yearn for).

I love this little bear in his purple overalls, and almost don't want to let him go.

They're in the mail. I wonder if they get to ride on the ferry???


LittleElf said...

Oh they are so adorable Sara, you do such a lovely job! ^_^ I want to hug each one of them. ^_^

Anja said...

Ooh, what a sweet little group!!! Love the little bear :-)

Jenn said...

The little girl lamb looks like Martha's sister and she's going to Martha's vineyard! I have to say, Martha is feeling a bit jealous! :0)