Saturday, April 11, 2009

Natural Kids On-Going Giveaway!

OOOOOO you're going to have lots of chances to win absolutely amazing natural children's items !!!!!!!!
The first round of the Natural Kids Giveaway features three shops ~ Nushkie, Natural Star and WrenWillow.

On Etsy, my Woolies shop is a member of The Natural Kids Team. We are a group of shops that make items for kids out of natural materials. You will find some of THE most georgeous, innovative, heirloom quality, imaginative, exciting.....there are not enough superlatives to express my amazement at the work and skill that goes into these toys and items.

So, every two weeks for the next few months, The Natural Kids Team is offering you a chance to win some of these amazing works of art.

The rules are simple.

Each giveaway will consist of 3 (THREE) shops giving away a prize.

You will have to visit each shop.

Then you will have to come back here and post about your favorite item from each shop.
*You can put all your favorites in just one post*
*Please* leave an email address or a link to your blog so I have a way to reach you if you are the grand prize winner.

The first giveaway starts April 1st and will run for 2 weeks - ending on April 14th at midnight.

The second giveaway will start on April 15 and run for 2 weeks - and so on. So if you don't win during the first round - you will have lots of chances.

SO - onto the details of the Natural Kids Giveaway #1!

The Shops to Visit are:


Natural Star


There will be ONE winner during each giveaway. Each winner will receive all 3 items from the featured shops! Questions? Please let me know.

So head off to find your fav item from each shop; come back to my blog and post about it. Enjoy all the wonderful shops that are part of The Natural Kids Team!

We have a winner - JJ! Thanks to all who entered. Look on my blog for the next giveaway!


wrenwillow said...

looks great!!! thanks!


did not know if you wanted them separate or together from nushkie
Peachy Pink Pixie Fairy - Needle felted soft sculpture - Waldorf Inspired


from naturalstar/Girls Merino 2 button booties are too adorable


from wrenwillow they all look great- this Heart Breaker Screen Printed Short Sleeve Tee or Onesie, 3 months - 12 years. You pick color and size. is my favorite

eNVe said...

What an incredible giveaway! It was tough to decide but my favs from each shop are:

nushkie - Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb

naturalstar -Cream Merino Beanie with flower

wrenwillow - baby rock mix tape screen print shirt

hope I win! :D


walk in the woods said...

From Nushkie:
Wool Chicks on Mossy Bed with Flowers -Needle Felted and Waldorf-Inspired

From Natural Star:
Girls Merino 2 button booties

From Wren Willow:
Organic Helicopter Seed Pod Green Short Sleeved T-shirt or Onesie. 3 Months - 12 years. Hand dyed - you choose colors and size.


Jumbleberry Jam said...

This is so fun!

Nushkie - those wee forest children with their awesome mushroom caps!

Natural Star - the sweet wee green beanie with flower

WrenWillow - Ozymandius, the grumpy owl :-)

Pick me!!

Heather M said...

Nushkie- Love the Ponytail holders
Natural Star- Blue Merino booties
Wren Willow- Love the Unicorn and Angel Wings Tees!! Thanks

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

Mama_Amethyst said...

Nushkie-Wee Forest Children

I love the idea that one can place these adorable children anywhere by moving their wired arms and legs. It also will help make the children from "The Children of the Forest" or any other story that includes forest children seem more realistic. Children who play with this little girl and boy will be able to use their imagination more freely, which would be awe-inspiring for them as well as anyone who witnesses their play.

Natural Star-Mary Jane Baby Booties Pure NZ Merino Wool

I really love hand made clothing. I crochet hats and scarfs for people most winters. I haven't yet managed to learn how to make booties. It is an art. These booties are so cute and they come in one of my favorite shades of green. The description says they would "look good on any little girl", but I think they would look good on my little boy.

Wren Willow-Man in the Moon with Star Screen printed long sleeve

Moon, I believe, was one of my first words. I feel a connection with it somehow. It's wonderful that one gets to choose the print and T-Shirt colors. Water based inks and non-toxic colors are used. How wonderful that it is beautiful and safe to wear. It's also great that I could, unlike the booties, buy one for my son who could actually fit into it for awhile. The sizes range from 0 to 12 years. I'm impressed.

Mama_Amethyst said...

My e-mail address is Sorry.

kathy55439 said...

I really like the Organic Helicopter Seed Pod Green Short Sleeved T-shirt from WrenWillow and also the Ozymandius, the grumpy owl I like owls not sure why

Wehaf said...

At WrenWillow I love the Ozymandius the Owl shirts/onesies. I would love them just for the name, but the image is great too!

At NaturalStar I love the Merino Pixie Hat/Cap. Who doesn't want their baby to look like pixie?

At Nushkie I love the Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb. They look *so* very soft.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Siayla said...

Natural star: chocolate and cream striped beanie

Wren Willow: Ozymandius without a doubt. One in every colour please!

Nushkie: I just added forest mother to my fav's the other day so her for sure! Along with her babies of course as they can't be left all alone in the forrest.

Found this site via mamroots blog. Added this contest to my blog for lists of giveaways including my own at

janil said...

From Nushkie: Cherry Blossom Fairy Tapestry - Needle Felted Tapestry / Wall hanging - Waldorf Inspired, from Natural Star: Organic Lambswool Hooded Jacket (absolutely fantastic!!!!) and I love Rumpy the Bunny Screen Printed Fitted Girl Short Sleeve Bubble Gum Pink T Shirt, size 2 Toddler from Wren Willow!

Thank you!!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Little Pink Fairy - Needle Felted Ornament Wall Hanging Waldorf Inspired
Amazing details to inspire the child

Cream Merino Beanie with flower - Baby
If this photo doesn't sell it, I don't know what will!

Heart Breaker Screen Printed Short Sleeve Tee or Onesie
All of the designs are wonderful, but this one would be perfect for my new niece!

Pam said...

Nushkie: Fishy Turquoise Little Girl's Purse - Needle Wet Felted Purse - Waldorf Inspired

Natural Star: Organic lambswool hooded jacket

WrenWillow: torn between the fairy silhouette and the angel wings...

melacan at hotmail dot com

Zeliha said...

they look great...
hope to win...

laroyal said...

Nushkie: I like the Wool Chicks on Mossy Bed with Flowers.
NaturalStar: My favorite is Organic Merino Cream Baby Blanket.
WrenWillow: Man in the Moon with Star Screen Printed Long Sleeve Tee, size 12 is my favorite item.

JJ said...

Oh my gosh what a generous giveaway!

From Nushkie I love the Printed Note Cards from Needle Felted Wool Tapestries Waldorf!

From Natural Star I love the Blue Stripes Baby Merino Beanie for my little guy!

From Wren Willow I love the Big Wheel Screen Print on short sleeve onesie, also for my little guy!

Brad and Hailey said...

Hailey A

Nushkie's - Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb

Natural Star - Raspberry Merino Baby Beanie with flower

WrenWillow - Fairy Silhouette Screen Printed on a onsie. How adorable!

Isil Simsek said...

From Natural Star,Girls Merino 2 button booties are beautiful.
From Wrenwillow,Rumpy the Bunny Screen Printed Short Sleeve T-Shirt or Onesie
From Nushkie,Mermaid and Her Treasure - Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Doll

Thanks for the chance!

Veralana Photography said...

Wow, what fun shops! I love the stuff at Nushkie especially. So totally original and whimsical!

Here's my favorites:

Nushkie: Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb... just too sweet!

NaturalStar: Organic Merino Cream Square with Tassels hat... I'm a photographer, and I can imagine it as a great newborn hat for photos!

WrenWillow: Fairy Silhouette Screen Printed Short Sleeve Tee or Onesie... my girls would love those!

Veralana Photography said...

Oops, my blog is

Chrisy said...

What! There are natural kids being given away....I'll take two please...There are The wool felt clutch from Nudhkir. The raspberries and strawberries beanie in red and white from Natural Star and WrenWillow's
Rumpie the Punpie Rabbit T. Thanks for hosting the lovely giveaway.

tatertot374 said...

From Nushkie I really like the Tooth fairy - Girl - Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Soft Sculpture in Pink, Fuchsia and White.
From Natural Star I like the Organic Merino Booties
From Wren Willow I like the Baby Love Screen Printed Short Sleeve Tee
All very cute!
Thank you

danosor said...

I am a subscriber.

Shanda said...

Nushkie-Fishy Turquoise Little Girls Purse
Natural Star- Cream Merino Beanie with Flower
Wren Willow- Rocket, Planet, and Stars Yellow Onesie

janina said...

what a great give-away and what a neat and wonderful team! Looks good Woolies-thanks for doing this!

Angela said...

wow - thanks for the giveaway - thru the natural kids store link i found some new shops i hadn't visited before!

from nushkie - the nature mother - love her little mushroom bonnet
from wrenwillow -the ozymandius the owl shirt- esp the pink on orange - love the bright colors!
from naturalstar - the grey lambswool baby sweater - gorgeous!

Whimsical Creations said...

my favorite from:

Nushkie is Mermaid and Her Treasure - Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Doll.

Natural Star is Merino Baby Beanie with attached flower.

Wren Willow is My Mom Rocks Screen Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com


Fun Giveaway!
Love All Three Shops!
Great Idea!

Nushkie-Spring Maiden

Naturalstar-Organic Merino Mary Jane Baby Booties-Sage Green

Wrenwillow-Big Wheel Print Long Sleeve Onesie

Yvonne Stefani

murphycolleen said...

Hello. found your site looking for natural toys for an upcoming b-day.

Natural Star: all the booties are lovely-especially the mj's. Really like the jumoer dress

Wrenwillow: Angel wings and i love the Tree of Life idea

myfoxypup said...

Wren Willow: Sweet Cupcake Screen Printed Short Sleeve Over Dyed Argyle Charcoal Tee

Natural Star: Merino Baby Beanie with attached flower

Nushkie: Tooth fairy - Girl - Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Soft Sculpture in Pink, Fuchsia and White

Yana Uma said...

wrenwillow - all of the prints are awesome, I love organic fabrics for my babies. helicopter seed is lovely.
naturalstar - organic lambswool jacket!!!!
nushkie - the tree goddess!!!!

vboackle said...

faves.nushkiie-ponytail holders,natural star-chocolate and cream striped beanie,wren willow-wee forrest children

boatbaby said...

At Nushkie: I LOVE the tree goddess, the blue mermaid, and all of the Elsa Beskow forest family.

At Natural Star: The raspberries & strawberries beanie and the chocolate and cream beanie are divine.

Wren Willow: I LOVE IT ALL! Baby Rock Mix and Man On The Moon w/ Star are my favs.

Jessy said...

WrenWillow: Frederic the Fox Screen Printed Short Sleeve T Shirt or Onesie, 3 months - 12 years. Hand Dyed, you pick the size and colors.
NaturalStar: Organic Merino Cream Baby Booties
Nushki:Purple and Violet Gnome..and his Calla Lilies - Needle felted soft sculpture - Waldorf Inspired
jessy.spencer AT gmail DOT com

mogrill said...

LOVED Browsing and my fave thing is at Nushkie. The Little grazing Ewe and her lamb. Precious. Thanks for the chance.

Amber Sunshine said...

Here are my fave items:

Nushkie- Wee Forest Children, some of our favourite book characters!

Natural Star- Org. Lambswool Hooded Jacket, perfect for these crisp northern spring days

Wren Willow- Helicopter seed pod screen tee, loved playing with these things as a kid!

Norton said...

nushkie-grazing mommy ewe and baby lamb

naturalstar-cream marino beanie with flower

wrenwillow-fairy silouette screen printed on a onesie

All are adorable

Anonymous said...

Very hard to pick favourites from each store - they all have lovely things :)

nushkie - Come Fly With Me- Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Wool Tapestry - Unicorn and Fairy Meeting

natural star - Organic Merino Cream Square with Tassels hat

WrenWillow - Sweet Cupcake Screen Printed Short Sleeve Over Dyed Argyle Charcoal Tee, 6-12 months

spongent at hotmail dot com

mamakopp said...

What gorgeous shops! I lov WrenWillows onsies and my favorite is the bunny! NaturalStar simplicity and beauty are found in each and every item. I love love the tshirt. I adore Nuskies art. But the soulmates tapestry is just gorgeous! Great idea! Some of the best of Natural Kids Team!

PisecoMom said...

Ooh, I love all these shops.
I am particularly drawn to...
the Tree Goddess from Nushkie
the Girls' Merino 2 Button Booties from NaturalStar
the Man in the Moon with Star t-shirt design from Wren Willow.

Love 'em all, thanks for the contest!

Danielle said...

Hi there,

Grazing Mommy Ewe and baby lamb
Girls Merino Two Button Booties
Rumpy the Bunny T Shirt

Thanks for the great giveaway!

marcela said...

Oh wow.... how beautiful everything is! It's so hard to choose just one.
nushkie- the tree goddess and the purple and violet gnome (sorry couldn't take just one! :-)
natural star- any of the hats... the raspberry merino beanie with flowers attached (beautiful!)
wren willow- the baby rock mix cassette tshirt or the helicopter seed pod.

Thanks so much for sharing all this goodness.

ktgonyea said...

Looks wonderful.

ktgonyea at

indie icing said...

From Nushkie: the needle-felted flower ponytail holders

From Natural Star: the organic lambswool cardigan

From WrenWillow: Rumpy the bunny tee

(my blog is at

queenoftheclick said...

From the Nushkie site, I like the beautiful felted items, but especially the Waldorf inspired standing dolls.

From the Natural Star site, I drooled over all the beautiful handmade wool items, but especially the Organic Lambswool Hooded Jacket for baby. If I had a coupon code or some discount, I probably would buy it now. I loveeee it.

From your site, I like the Chickie!

From the WrenWillow Site, I love the yellow onesie with the cute fox.

taimarie said...

Oh, such lovely things! I am rather in love with ozymandius the owl from wrenwillow- my boy would swoon! The organic lanbswool hooded sweater from naturalstar is my fav there- so cute! and we are big elsa beskow fans over here, so the forest mother caught my eye at nushkie- what fun!

yellowlabs said...

Nushkie - A Children's Harvest - Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Tapestry - Wool Painting

Natural Star - Cream Merino Beanie with flower - Baby

WrenWillow - Heart Breaker Screen Printed Short Sleeve Tee

Sherry R said...

My favorites are:

Nushkie - Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb - Needle Felted Sheep

Natural Star - Organic Merino Cream Baby Blanket

WrenWillow - Ozymandius the Owl Screen Printed Short Sleeve T Shirt or Onesie

jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

Anonymous said...

Oh, so many beautiful things... I love the Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb-Nushkie, the owl family Matryoshka tee-wrenwillow, and the sweet wee green beanie with flower-Natural Star. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous items...


Anonymous said...

Lovely items in each shop!
My favorites from each are:

From Nushkie:
The Forest Mother - Elsa Beskow and Waldorf inspired needle felted standing doll.

From Natural Star:
The Cream Merino Beanie with flower - cream and pink flower

From WrenWillow:
Organic Helicopter Seed Pod Green Short Sleeved Onesie in tan

Tracy Cornell

Jinxy and Me said...

I like:

Nushkie - Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb

Natural Star - Girls Merino 2 button bootie

Wren Willow - Ozymandius

MAC Mom said...

I wasn't sure if you wanted to post them separately or together.

But from Nushkie I love the Pink Fairy. Everything is so beautiful at her Etsy Shop. I was in Fairy heaven as I am a huge fan.
Thanks for this fantastic giveaway. I will be looking into her Etsy SHop more often.


MAC Mom said...

Super cute onesies at Wren Willow. Everything is adorable. My favorite is the Angel Wings Screen Printed Short Sleeve Onesie. Thanks for the great giveaway. Very talented artist.


MAC Mom said...

At Natural Star I lvoe all the knitted Mary Janes, but I have a son so it wouldn't work for him. But I found the Choc and Cream Certified Organic Merino Striped Beanie. Very cutie too.

ktanjatk said...

Nushkie - I like Dusty Rose with Blossoms Blessing Fairy

Natural Star - Raspberry Merino Beanie with Attached Flower

Wren Willow - Man in the Moon with Star Screen Printed Long Sleeve Onesie

Gianna said...

Vintage Inspired Dad Heart Tattoo Screen Printed Onesie in blue

Natural Star :
Organic Merino Cream Baby Blanket

Felted Wool Clutch/Purse Artist Made OOAK

Donna said...

I like these:
Nushkie-Come Fly With Me- Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Wool Tapestry - Unicorn and Fairy Meeting
Natural Star-Organic Merino Hand knit Cream Baby/Toddler Coat
WrenWillow-Horace the Hawk, screen printed on short sleeve t-shirt

lilyk said...

I love the Unicorn and Fairy Meeting from Inspired Needle Felted Wool Tapestry, the Grazing Mommy Ewe and Baby Lamb from Nushkie, and the Cream Merino Beanie with flower from Natural Star!